Life/Disability Insurance:

Financial Products:

Did you know that there are many ways to provide the protection that is vital for you and your family? We never “sell” you a policy. By working together, the best solution for your situation is found. We find it helpful to listen much more than we talk.

  • Term Insurance – The protection available today has never been more affordable. When the need for coverage is for a certain amount of time, it is often the best option. A good example is mortgage protection.
  • Universal Life – This is a very flexible plan that allows you to change the benefit or the premium when it is best for you, not when the company decides.
  • Disability Income – This can be added as a rider to some policies to provide a very cost effective supplemental income in the event you are disabled and cannot work. It can also be written as a separate policy. Your risk of being disabled is greater than that of dying prematurely. Too often this is overlooked or incorrectly assumed that your employer will provide coverage.
  • Pension Planning – The typical retirement plan offers several ways to receive your benefit. With proper planning you can maximize your benefit without sacrificing protection for your spouse.
  • Long Term Care – Did you know there are very effective tools available in New York to protect your assets in the event you require nursing home care? We can review the many options available to you to determine if one of them is best for you.
  • Tax Deferred Annuities – There are some very attractive guaranteed rates of return available, even in today’s economy. These returns are tax-deferred. We will work with you to find the one that best fit YOUR needs.